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Support your team during challenging times with: Thriving Through Life

Offer Valid: 08/21/2020 - 11/30/2020
Thriving Through Life
When Covid-19 reared its ugly head, the promise of 2020 turned on its heels and fled the other way. What was touted as the year of “2020 vision” has us all wondering if we need our eyes checked. 

In this fun and interactive three-part program, Nancy will share practical strategies that we can all adopt to gain clarity and increase productivity despite the unpredictable and uncomfortable changes we are experiencing. The Thriving Through Life series will support your team in shifting thoughts, navigating change, and accepting reality, while increasing optimism, engagement and belonging.   

Throughout the series, Nancy sprinkles in some thought provoking and impactful stories of how she learned to thrive growing up on a large family operated dairy farm -- shoveling manure, throwing hay bales and washing cow udders. Talk about uncomfortable and unpredictable! 
Nancy’s stories and strategies help to increase awareness, prepare for inevitable downtimes, and tackle life with zest. During these uncertain times, our emotions show up BIG and Nancy challenges you and your team to show up BIGGER. 

The 3 Topics:
Coping with RealityNancy will support your team in acknowledging the realities of the pandemic while bringing some calm to any chaos in their lives. She’ll share her insight on the changes we are all experiencing and how to use the 3 A’s to find some joy in the unwanted change.  
Happy@Work/Happy@Home –The rapid changes in our world have us adjusting and adapting to new routines and rules at work and at home. If work/life balance was a challenge before, it is even uglier now. Nancy shares the top four things that really make us happy and how they support us in navigating life to find the balance so many seek to find.
Be Positively Contagious A proactive approach to increasing your overall happiness, while boosting resilience for the inevitable downtimes.  Come ready to play along! Nancy will share the benefits of being both a giver and receiver of positivity. 
*Companies have the option to elect an ala carte option.
*Contact Nancy for packages and pricing options

Nancy Kalsow is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author. She is dedicated to helping others reach their full potential by building upon their unique experiences, values, and strengths.  Nancy provides confidential one on one coaching for individuals, as well as company and team workshops to create alignment and strengthen your business results. As a business consultant, she encourages collaboration to reflect, explore, engage, and empower all participants to implement the actions necessary to achieve the results they desire.  She guides leaders to leverage the values and talents of each team member.  This allows the best version of WHO people are to bring the highest level of performance to WHAT they do.
Nancy draws on her personal experience from 30 years of leading individuals and teams in corporate environments and from operating a family business. She is the author of Acres of Life -Lessons Learned on a Family Dairy Farm, sharing heartfelt stories from her life growing up on a Wisconsin family owned farm.
Nancy lives with her husband on a corner of the original farm acreage. Together, they have traveled the continental United States on their Honda Goldwing motorcycle. When not traveling, they enjoy the native prairie flowers and views of the valley visible from their front porch.

In addition to her coach certification (CLC, CPC) she is a Certified Human Resources Professional (SHRP, SHRM-SCP) and an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ICF-ACC)
Nancy will leave you inspired to take action on what matters most to you!

This Community Event & Promotion is promoted by Middleton Chamber of Commerce.

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