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Community Table Fund

Offer Valid: 12/03/2020 - 02/28/2021
Connecting those who grow to those who make to those in need

Community is important to us at Longtable, and has been since we first opened three years ago. As with so many changes we have all experienced in 2020, our understanding of community has evolved a great deal this year. While the lessons haven’t always been easy, we have been inspired by examples of resilience, creativity, collaboration and giving. We have learned that communal tables aren’t just physical places. Even as we are physically distant, we have learned that it is possible, indeed paramount, to be socially present. The power of a table to bring us together and provide nourishment for the body and the soul is more important than ever.

In that spirit, we have launched the Community Table Fund, a 501(c)(3) fund in partnership with Madison Community Foundation.  

With the Community Table Fund, our vision is to provide protein-based prepared meals to address food insecurity in the community. We have partnered with Middleton Outreach Ministry, a local organization whose mission is to bring community together to create food and housing security through action and advocacy. MOM’s food pantry currently serves ~600 people per week. We expect it will take roughly $4,000 each week to provide high quality, locally sourced, protein-forward prepared meals.  We are swinging for the fences and hope to raise $80,000 to help get through the winter.

We have created a charity gofundme campaign to accept donations into the fund; tax deductible contributions will be used for the purpose of feeding the community. We are also able to accept corporate donations, and will be applying for grants. These donations will help us connect those who grow to those who make to those in need; if we can do this on the scale we envision, we will help create food security AND keep our staff employed.   Please donate here or contact us if your company would like to make a donation.

We can’t think of a more beautiful embodiment of the power of the table, and we hope you will join us in the cause.     


This Community Event & Promotion is promoted by Middleton Chamber of Commerce.

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