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Summer STEM Camps June - August

Offer Valid: 06/01/2023 - 09/01/2023
Stellar Summer Camp:
Stellar Tech Girls is an empowering STEM camp for girls and non-binary kids ages 9 to 14. We provide girls a welcoming, fun environment that they love going to with their friends. Our unique curriculum builds girls of confidence, who are not afraid to take on challenges, because they have the tools to problem solve like an engineer!

Stellar Tech Girls have a blast exploring science and engineering together, and this camp is the hit of the summer! When asked what they learned and liked, they say things like “I liked meeting girls who are passionate about science”, “I learned that engineering is a lot more fun than you think”, and “when something goes wrong, try again”.

We offer one-week day camps throughout the summer that require creativity and imagination while solving real-world science and engineering problems. Sign up for Stellar Explorer to spend each day exploring a new type of engineering with career discovery and hands-on experiments. Is your girl a future astronaut or chemist? Stellar Space and Stellar Chemistry are the perfect camps to encourage them to pursue their passions and try new things! Check out all our camp programs and sign up today at!