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Financial Education Webinars

Offer Valid: 06/03/2021 - 06/24/2021
Multiple Financial Webinars: June 4, June 15, June 17, and June 23
Topic: Keep Your Money Safe – Protect Yourself from Common Scams
Date: 06/04/21
Time: 12:30pm
Description: Not sure that email link is real? Worried your new social media “friend” isn’t really what they seem?  Wondering why your financial institution called and needs your password? Fraud is a common problem that can affect people of all ages – even high school and college-aged kids who are just starting out. Learn what you’re up against and how you and your kids can avoid being the victim of a scam. Join us for this live event with Summit’s fraud specialist, Lisa Ryerson.
Topic: Foundations for Financial Wellness
Date: 06/15/21
Time: 11:00am
Description: In this session we’ll discuss what it means to be financially well, how stress from finances can impact your health and how to begin to take action towards achieving your financial wellness.
Topic: Homebuyers after 5
Date: 06/17/21
Time: 5:30pm
Description: Join us for our upcoming Homebuyers after 5 live online event. You’ll learn from a great team of home buying experts and have the chance to ask all your questions during our live Q&A.
Topic: Personal and Business Finances for the Entrepreneur
Date: 06/23/21
Time: 11:00 am
Description: Effective money management is critical to your entrepreneurial success. This session will guide you in organizing your money, separating your personal and business finances, opening business accounts, and setting yourself up to get the support and financing you need to grow.  You’ll learn strategies to manage an irregular income and resources that can help you achieve personal and business success

This Community Event & Promotion is promoted by Middleton Chamber of Commerce.

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