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Executive Assistant

AMPED is seeking an Executive Assistant to proactively support our President/Owner and Executive Team in business-related matters such as those outlined below.

  • Proactively support the AMPED Executive Team in all business work
  • Schedule and help prepare for AMPED All Hands Meetings, Leadership Team Meetings and Executive Team Meetings
  • Client Relationships
    • Assist in client retention through development of “value” communications and client successes, working closely with client execs to develop reports
    • Proactively communicate with clients on behalf of the AMPED Executive Team
    • Assist in benchmarking for all AMPED clients, utilizing external data
    • Assist in business development – drafting proposals and associated collateral, ongoing communications with current and potential clients
    • Read or research trends relevant to AMPED and our clients – work with marketing team to translate to practice
  • Internal Communication
    • Proactively communicate with staff on behalf of the AMPED Executive Team
    • Regular staff communication to keep everyone apprised of key company activities, client growth, partnerships, visitors, professional networking, etc.
    • Plan and schedule regular meetings, coffee functions, etc between staff and members of the Executive Team
  • Support to Lynda Patterson, President & Owner of AMPED
    • Act as “brand manager” of Lynda Patterson and AMPED, extending the culture, professionalism and welcoming environment of our company
    • Post in social media on behalf of Lynda
    • Draft and send communications from Lynda, including handwritten notes to clients, prospective employees, vendors, partners, etc. (eg, congratulations to new board members, welcoming new employees, clients, etc.)
    • Prepping for travel, including organizing documents, travel arrangements, relevant files, business cards, gits, etc.
    • Understand Lynda’s schedule, slotting meetings in or directing requests to other AMPED or client staff leaders
  • Project-based tasks as needed and other duties as necessary to ensure success of staff and client initiatives

Our team members must be able to work independently and be extremely organized and efficient with their time to handle tasks quickly and with great care. Previous experience supporting executives or working in an office environment is a plus. 

This would likely be a part time position, coming in to our Headquarters office in downtown Middleton each day. Depending on skill set and needs, however, it could potentially become a full time job so please do not hesitate to apply if you are looking for full time. This could also be a great opportunity for a student. 

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