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Electronics Technician

Posted: 04/27/2021

Rigging Electronics Technician Opening at ETC!
Want to put your problem solving and creative thinking skills to work? Join the Rigging department at Electronic Theatre Controls as an Electronics Tech! ETC provides nicely-lit, well-equipped, clean, and forward-thinking manufacturing work spaces to accommodate all employees. Get fully involved in a team environment and positive workplace while also providing product input. Standard and custom motor and hoisting solutions are being built, tested and shipped daily to meet customer demands.
Representative Responsibilities:
•    Troubleshoots products when problems arise 
•    Verifies problem
•    Troubleshoot down to component level on products and printed circuit board assemblies using electronic  knowledge, theory and applicable documentation
•    Repairs product to operating specification 
•    Completes appropriate NCMR paperwork 
•    Tests products and sub-assemblies
•    Inspects PCB assemblies to IPC 610-B prior to stock or test (according to department requirements)
•    Ensures products conform to documentation
•    Verifies product operation 
•    Completes appropriate test paperwork and defect reports
•    Configures software for test equipment and products to standards and specifications
•    Builds sub-assemblies and final assemblies to standards and specifications
•    Assembles products according to documentation
•    Ensures correct parts are being used and the product is built to specifications 
•    Returns extra parts to stock 
•    Completes final quality control inspection 
•    Initiates NCMRs
•    Identify unacceptable parts
•    Initiates corrective action regarding documentation (WI, ECR, etc…) problems
•    Maintains a clean, organized and safe work environment 
•    Ensures floor is swept and tools are returned to designated area on a daily basis
•    Organizes work area so that another person is able to locate information easily 
•    Maintains tools regularly
•    Adheres to safety standards at all times
•    Ensures that safe methods and practices are used
•    Abides by safety procedures, work practice control, and OSHA guidelines
•    Wears personal protective equipment when required
•    If applicable, assists project management with design of custom product
•    Reviews assembly drawing, wiring diagrams, schematics, and parts list to identify and inform project management of needed changes
•    Suggests appropriate project improvement and works with project management to implement changes

Additional Responsibilities:
•    Other duties as assigned 
•    Special projects and requests are completed in a timely and positive fashion 

Minimum Qualifications:
Education and Experience:
•    Associate degree in electronics or equivalent work experience
Preferred Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
•    Knowledge of surface mount and through-hole technologies
•    Board level repair and trouble shooting
•    Ability to test and troubleshoot VFDs, PLCs, timers, relays, power supplies and associated custom and standard motor control circuitry and settings
•    Ability to develop or consult on development of standard and custom product test machinery and procedures
•    General knowledge of Structural design and fabrication 
•    Knowledge of production and quality procedures
•    Able to read prints and schematics
•    Good manual dexterity
•    Able to operate hand tools, small power tools, and test equipment
•    Knowledge of electronics theory
•    Soldering skills
•    Able to work independently and as part of a team
•    Computer Skills 
•    Able to lift up to 50 pounds
•    Problem solving and creative thinking skills
•    Basic English skills to understand quality, safety, work instructions, personnel information, etc

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