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Acceptance Test Specialist

Posted: 03/06/2023

Well-versed in ETC’s Paradigm line and High End’s Hog family? 
Strong technical mindset and excellent customer service skills?
Love playing with the latest and greatest ETC gear? 

If you’re the person responding YES! to the above you’re in luck! ETC is looking for an Acceptance Test Specialist to join our Tech Service team! This role involves working with our internal R&D teams as we develop new products and our beta-site customers as they test our newest products in a live environment. Role also includes responsibility for lighting at our Middleton headquarters, some phone support, and direct customer support. This position requires creativity in problem-solving, a strong technical background, savvy communication skills, and the ability to travel beyond the local community approximately 4-6 weeks per year. Networking skills and field experience are a plus.

Representative Responsibilities:
•    Develop Project Specific Acceptance Test Plans
•    Work with the project team to develop the goals for Acceptance Testing and establish the readiness criteria for the product to enter acceptance test
•    Work with the Project Team to establish a budget for the Acceptance Testing
•    Understand the technical capabilities and limitations of products used in acceptance tests
•    Coordinate with Marketing, Technical Support and Development to determine appropriate Acceptance Sites
•    Work with the Acceptance Site to insure understanding of the Acceptance Test Goals and determine how to best meet those goals, including coordination of potential risks
•    Get agreement between acceptance sites and project teams on how to respond to technical issues
•    Energizes or provides appropriate personnel to energize acceptance products or systems at acceptance site
•    Ensures timely arrival to acceptance site through project management, department scheduler, and site contact
•    Ensures system meets customer and project team requirements
•    Performs effective end-user training
•    Ensures project team has turn-on report
•    Coordinates customer support around the globe to:
•    Respond to pager calls as soon as possible
•    Work with project teams to diagnoses technical problems accurately
•    Ensure repairs are made within the time frame agreed upon by project team and acceptance site
•    Inform customer of progress
•    Complete follow-up documentation 
•    Coordinates tracking and feedback on all acceptance test issues
•    Develop a tracking system to track all acceptance site issues, comments and complaints
•    Relay all acceptance site information to project teams in a timely manner
•    Respond to acceptance sites with resolutions to all issues in a timely manner
•    Coordinates the Training of internal personnel, external technicians and customers on the proper use of Acceptance products
•    Ensures training of all appropriate personnel has occurred
•    Ensures acceptance sites are educated on the technical capabilities and limitations of acceptance products
•    May coordinate and arrange for additional personnel to assist with on site management
•    Performs or arranges hardware and software upgrades
•    Performs specified upgrade to meet customer or project team requirements.
•    Completes follow-up documentation
•    Establishes and maintains relations with ETC dealers, reps, contract technicians, consultants, contractors and acceptance sites
•    Ensures ETC is projected in a professional and enthusiastic manner
•    Provides feedback on acceptance test issues and concerns to supervisor/manager, project teams and all parties involved in acceptance test
•    Provides positive and effective supervision regarding ETC equipment at acceptance sites
•    Remains current on changes in policies, procedures, and product offerings
•    Ensures product knowledge is up-to-date
•    Reviews and improves existing procedures on a regular basis
•    Other tasks as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:
•    Bachelor’s degree in Technical theatre or related technical field or minimum of 8 years of comparable business experience in increasingly responsible positions in the related discipline and 2 years minimum entertainment lighting experience 
•    4-6 years lighting experience     
•    Customer service experience
•    Strong hands on knowledge of entertainment lighting systems
•    Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
•    Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
•    Excellent customer service skills
•    Strong degree of flexibility and independence
•    Computer skills
•    Able to use hand tools, power tools, and electronic test tools
•    Able to travel extensively
•    Must maintain an acceptable driving record and valid license
•    Ability to work weekend and evenings as required
•    Ability to work within a construction site
•    Able to lift up to 65 pounds

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