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Eventful Advantage LLC

Eventful Advantage LLC

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About Us

Eventful Advantage works with business owners and decision makers, associations, non-profits, coaches and speakers to create experiences and not just events both in-person and online to keep current clients engaged, help gain additional clients, increase sales and improve their brand awareness. No matter what type of business or event, we have a package to fit all needs ranging from consulting to full implementation. Let's have a conversation so you can learn more about how events can grow your business. Feel free to book a time that works best with your calendar:


  • Create Experiences Not Just Events - Be Memorable!
  • Build Your Business and Brand with Events - Get the Results You Want!
  • We can help with all types of events for employees, clients, and for lead generation - in-person, online or hybrid!
  • Fresh Ideas! Save Your Time & Energy! Events take more time than you ever think.
  • Services Range from Consultation to Full Implementation - Customized Packages to Fit Your Needs!


Gallery Image EA_BPA_Event_Brennan's_Brock_Wine_and_Cheese_Pairing.JPG
Gallery Image EA_BPA_Event_Brennan's_Catering_Table.JPG
Gallery Image EA_BPA_Event_The_Cider_Farm_Offer.JPG
Gallery Image EA_BPA_Event_AHA_Check_Travis._Kevin._Amber._Dustin.JPG
Gallery Image EA_-_Gravity_Photo_Co_-_balloons.jpg
Gallery Image EA_-_Gravity_Photo_Co._-_Crowd_3.jpg
Gallery Image EA_-_Gravity_Photo_Co._-_DJ.jpg
Gallery Image EA_-_Aloft_Mixer.jpg
Gallery Image EA_-_Artists_Showcase_and_Home_Tour_4-19.jpg
Gallery Image EA_-_Artists_Showcase_Live_Painting_4-19.jpg
Gallery Image EA_-_Catered_Cocktails_Mix_and_Mingle_pp.jpg
Gallery Image EA_-_Profiterol_Surprise.jpg
Gallery Image EA_Hot_Cocoa_Board.jpg
Gallery Image EA_Outdoor_Picnic_or_BBQ.jpg
Gallery Image EA-Artists_Showcase_Macklin's_Catering_4-19.jpg
Gallery Image Pot_of_Gold_-_Tart_Bakery.JPG
Gallery Image EA-TLandBC_3-19_2.JPG
Gallery Image EA-TLandBC_3-19.JPG
Gallery Image Boisset_-_Food_Pairing.jpg
Gallery Image Boisset_Venue_Forty50_Open_House_.jpg
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_1-15_Grilled_Chicken_Cobb_Salad.JPG
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_1-15_Denise_Hansard_Talking.JPG
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_1-15_Sonya_and_Masha_registration.JPG
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_2-19_Hilton_Monona_Terrace_Salad_Bar.JPG
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_2-19_Hilton_Monona_Terrace_Soup_and_Salad_Bar.JPG
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_11-21_Pork_Loin_Lunch.jpg
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_12-11_salmon_salad_lunch.JPG
Gallery Image eWN_ANE_11-21_Sarah_Schwab_speaker.jpg

Community Events & Promotions

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Terri Lynn Yanke
Founder, CEO, Business Event + Experience Wizard (In-person & Online)

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