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LegalShield - Gene Sarmiento, Independent Associate



About Us

I help companies provide another way to help employees, save company money with no out of pocket cost to the company. Legal Plans and Identity Theft plans are a couple of the fastest growing voluntary benefit that help employees deal with frustrations in life. We help keep employees mind and body at work by giving them affordable access to attorneys regardless how trivial or traumatic the situation. All over the news, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. I can help with that too. Not only do we monitor personal information to help detect an identity theft situation, we do the restoration as well helping reduce employee stress and time away from work.

As a small business, we can help by giving access to attorneys without the hourly fees. If you didn't have to think about a bill, what questions would you ask or what documents would you want reviewed?

The testimonials we get from our members are incredible and is the continuing force that drives me!

Specialties: Voluntary Benefit for Legal Plan and Identity Theft Protection & Restoration, Business Owners Legal Plan, Individual Legal and Identity Theft Protection & Restoration

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