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Stardust Creative



About Us

Stardust Creative is a social media marketing agency, providing key insights to your target market and designing social media strategies to connect with your target market bringing BIG results!

Want to master the art of LinkedIn for brand awareness and lead generation? We've got an amazing B2B influencer building package for you.

Want an affordable website designed in just a few days for your service organization? We can pull quality content and compelling SEO strategies together for you FAST.

If you're ready to come out of the dark ages and take control of the many opportunities on social media, we have a team of experts to design content that stands out in social media feeds while engaging with your audience.


  • LinkedIn Profile Audits
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
  • Branding Overhaul
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy


Personal Branding at Stardust Creative
Marketing Options for Every Stage of the Funnel
Woman of Inspiration in Universal Womens Network
Recognized by Brava Magazine's Women to Watch 2020
Branding and Social Media Speaker
International Speaker on Video Content and Social Media

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