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Tandem HR

Tandem HR


About Us

Tandem HR is a proud part of the Tandem Family of Companies. How did the family begin? Bruce Leon, a Chicago area benefits consultant and insurance agent, founded a full-service insurance agency called Benefits Solutions Group in 1997. Bruce immediately identified a unique need among small and mid-sized businesses for outsourced human resource assistance beyond benefits. The market was missing a high-touch customer-centric business model. By 1998, Bruce officially established a PEO called Tandem Professional Employer Services.

With two companies working in tandem, business began growing rapidly. Initial growth was attributed to word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients and business partners. In 2006, the Tandem Family of Companies welcomed Alliance Workplace Solutions, a division that focuses primarily on voluntary benefits. This gave clients the option to offer affordable employee-paid and owned benefits to supplement benefits packages. In 2008, Tandem PES changed its name to Tandem HR to create more understanding among prospective clients about the services provided by the PEO. In 2011, Workplace Solutions Employee Assistance Program (EAP) joined the Tandem Family of Companies bringing a full-service employee assistance program in-house. In 2018, the company began to expand its physical footprint adding locations in Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Missouri.

The Tandem Family of Companies currently boasts a staff of over 140 employees, servicing hundreds of thousands of worksite employees nationally with benefits, human resources, and EAP needs.


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