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Announcing the NORTH SHORE Experience

North Shore Property Management Inc of Madison has developed a revolutionary concept for the property management industry. Our new and bold mission statement now centers not only on just the bottom line but giving back to our community.  At North Shore Property Management, starting on January 1, 2020 we are excited to announce that we have created the NORTH SHORE Experience . We know that its not just your home, its a lifestyle.

The NORTH SHORE Experience started with a vision.  We've seen COVID change our lives forever in so many ways.  It doesn't take much to look around and realize the devastation this virus has caused to so many people financially as well as emotionally.  North Shore Property Management has developed the NORTH SHORE Experience.  The NORTH SHORE Experience offers all our tenants opportunities to give back to their community in many different ways. 

Once a month we offer our tenants, during our ZOOM social and game night, a forum to present their not-so-random acts of kindness. Not-so-random acts of kindness include volunteering for their community, church or just helping others.  Each resident will have the same opportunity and a public forum to show what they have done to give back to their community.  We believe that we are here to serve each other, to try to make each of our lives better and we believe the NORTH SHORE Experience encourages that. 

Here's how it works; during our monthly zoom party with our tenants, they will be given an opportunity to  present to other members of their community their not-so-random act of kindness. As a result, they will automatically receive an opportunity to get entered into drawings for rent credits, prizes and other incentives.  But more importantly they will get a chance to let everyone know what they are doing to help others. Each participant will be recognized of their achievements.  Our Zoom meetings will be hosted by our full-time events coordinator.  

As fellow Chamber of Commerce members and area businesses, we need your help to make this program a success.  The NORTH SHORE Experience is self-funded.  In other words, we don't charge our customers for this but rely on contributions from our community and specifically business owners and private donations.  We also would like to encourage your business to participate in the NORTH SHORE Experience in that we can help set this up for your business as well!

Please contact us to learn more about the NORTH SHORE Experience and ways you can help. The NORTH SHORE Experience transcends not just community but we've also developed a PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PACKAGE for multi-family communities which includes utilizing the NORTH SHORE Experience for your housing community.  Please contact us at to learn more about us or simply call us at 920-395-4684.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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