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Community Kindness is Everyone's Business

Community Kindness is Everyone’s Business

DeForest, Wisconsin, April 26, 2021— Join Kindness Bank (KB), a community hub where collaboration improves collective health and well-being.  KB allows for deposits and withdrawals of time, talent and resources based on the needs of individuals, businesses and non-profits.  It is a forum where everyone is welcome and can help empower the community to experience positive growth and improvement.
KB addresses the full spectrum of human needs to inspire everything from taking care of yourself to taking care of the community in an all-inclusive, diverse and supportive environment.  Everyone has talent, as well as needs, and these talents can be used in many different and useful ways. Needs can be met by others who possess different abilities.  

What you do, your superpower, can be part of KB.  Contributions such as coaching or advising; sharing knowledge of best practices on various topics; providing food or shelter; or creating a support group are just some examples of things that people need and could be provided.  The exchange combinations within KB are endless and contributions can create a lasting impact through meaningful connections. Members being able to meet their needs through collaboration and kindness is the key. 

Founder Julie Gullickson has transitioned her experience from 20 years in corporate healthcare leadership and her love of community into Kindness Bank, a new type of business platform creating a positive community legacy.  To connect and elevate our community together,  reach Julie Gullickson at, on LinkedIn at Julie Gullickson, visit, or join us on Facebook .
Julie Gullickson, Founder
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