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Nationwide Trophy Recycling Program

The Nationwide Trophy Recycling Program is looking for volunteers.

Total Awards & Promotions in Madison Wisconsin has been recycling trophies for over 30 years. The program went nationwide in 2007 where it has been giving FREE rebuilt trophies to 501(c)(3) nonprofits across the country.

During Covid, when people were at home cleaning their attics and basements, the trophies came in by the thousands, filling up all the extra space they had. They needed to make it into a nonprofit and move it into a space where volunteers could come in and recycle. The new space for the non-profit is at 6670 Odana Rd. in Market Square.

They are in great need of volunteers to help open the boxes, recycle the parts and make new trophies to donate back to non profits. If you know of anyone in your organization that is interested in Paying it Forward to nonprofits around the country by volunteering to recycle, please contact Janet at Total Awards & Promotions 608-833-1716 or

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