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Local Balloon Business Owners heading to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for Charitable Big Balloon Build in March 2023

Local Balloon Business Owners heading to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for Charitable Big Balloon Build in March 2023.
Owners of Local Balloon Business to Head Team of International Balloon Artists in Lake Geneva
Two local business owners, Tami Schroeder, owner of Funny Faces Family Entertainment in Verona, WI and Dawn Ferengo, owner of Pop Art in Sun Prairie, WI have been selected from hundreds of professional balloon decorators to help lead an international team of balloon artists in building a 10,000-square-foot Great Outdoors Interactive Balloon Wonderland. The build will include a campground, complete with giant balloon trees, a life-sized balloon RV and charming woodland animals, all created with more than 100,000 balloons. 
Ferengo and Schroeder are donating their time and talent to the Big Balloon Build this March in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The duo are joining forces to support the Build’s goal of raising funds for Inspiration Ministries and Inspired Coffee, an organization that supports people with a range of disabilities through job training, coaching, mentorship and placement into fully-integrated work settings. “We both have a strong desire to use our unique skills to give back to the community while learning from others in our field,” said Schroeder and Ferengo.
Both women point to their friendship and collaboration with their businesses as a major strength. This will be the third Big Balloon Build for Schroeder and Ferengo, who refer to each other as their “balloon besties”. Ferengo and Schroeder participated in the first ever U.S. Big Balloon Build in Vincennes, IN where they had a hand in creating a life-sized Candyland Board game complete with a life-sized frosting candy castle, fifty-five foot rainbow and peppermint forest; with the second build in Kansas City, KS creating Santa’s Toy Wonderland complete with a hot cocoa fountain, two-story evergreen tree and magical stocking-cap bandstand with live musicians. 
“Each new build provides a new opportunity to try things we could not do alone, working together also gives us the shared knowledge to bring back to the Dane Co. area” said Ferengo and Schroeder. “We are so excited to work with this team. Sixty-five talented balloon artists from all
over the world, coming together for this – all small business owners who want to make a difference
in the world.” Giving back is something Schroeder and Ferengo, who have trained extensively at
international balloon décor conventions, have always focused on. Locally, Funny Faces and PopArt support Badger Prairie Needs Network and The Sunshine Place which offers Dane Co residents meals and support with dignity.
The Lake Geneva Build, which will raise money to support Inspiration Ministries and Inspired Coffee, will also collect food for local food banks.  It will take the full team five days to complete the build, which will be open to the public on March 24 to March 26. This is a rare opportunity for Madisonians to take a short day trip to Lake Geneva to see this unbelievable undertaking in real life. For me details visit:
The Lake Geneva build brings 65 talented balloon artists from all over the world together to create an enormous interactive balloon outdoor wonderland. Each balloon artist is a small business owner with a desire to make a difference in the world.
The Big Balloon Build creates larger than life immersive balloon exhibits all over the world to raise funds for local charities that benefit the health and wellbeing of children. 
More information on the Big Balloon Build can be found here
To contact the director of the Big Balloon Build, please call 812-396-0948
For more information about Schroeder and Funny Faces visit
 or contact Schroeder at or 608-712-7348
For more information about Ferengo and Pop Art visit or contact Ferengo at or 608-228-3286
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