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Pareto’s Talent, a Lift Consulting, LLC Company

Press Release
Pareto’s Talent, a Lift Consulting, LLC company
434 S. Yellowstone Dr.
Madison, WI
Contact: Laura Mael, Chief People Officer


Lift Consulting, LLC Launches New Company, Pareto’s Talent
Madison, WI June 8, 2020 Lift Consulting, LLC, has launched a new company with a focus on connecting high performing, driven individuals with organizations where their talents are needed, recognized, and rewarded. Today more than ever, companies are reconsidering their workforce – what roles, what skills, and how an ideal employee fits into a landscape that is changed. Now more than ever is the time for individuals to know their professional story and share it with a company that needs to and wants to listen to it. Pareto's Talent is the place to start.
"Nurturing talent is all we do. If an organization needs a firm that is in-tune with the newest procedures, technology, and talent, that is us. If not, we are likely not the best fit", says Matthew Pletzer, CEO Lift Consulting, LLC, and Pareto's Talent.

Marketplace veteran Laura Mael will lead Pareto's Talent. As Chief People Officer, Laura's role will be to ensure clients professional stories are well-crafted and that they have the structural components (resume, cover letter, etc.) needed to obtain employment. With the passion and experience to help individuals navigate career transitions successfully, "clients know that working with me is a relationship based on hard work and a genuine passion for partnering together to reach their career goals," says Mael.

Individuals will have the option of participating in a subscription-based service (available in four levels – Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) or standard ala carte career services including, but not limited to:
  • Career Coaching
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Interview coaching and practice
  • Targeted job notifications
  • Personalized customer assessment results and development plans
  • On-going connection to a career development professional
  • Pareto's Talent Certification
Pareto's Talent is a Lift Consulting, LLC company, led by CEO, Matt Pletzer, and CPO, Laura Mael, and provides talent strategy for individuals and organizations. Pareto's Talent, based on the Pareto Principle that states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Pareto's Talent focuses on working with individuals who want to be the 20% cause that creates 80% of the effect and connects them to an employer that can support that.

For more information, contact Laura Mael, CPO Pareto's Talent at or phone or text at 608.561.7714 or go to

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