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Volunteers Needed for Brat Fest & Bubble Run
May 26-29; June 24

May 26-29 Brat Fest - 20+ Volunteers Needed
REACH-A-Child has a bigger part of Brat Fest this year. We will be a part of the Kid Zone at Brat Fest. We will need about a dozen volunteers throughout the weekend to volunteer in shifts of 3 hours specifically in the Kid Zone. We will be playing sports and helping with arts and crafts. I have more details coming yet with specific times and days. This will be separate than how volunteers typically sign up online for Brat Fest. Now there may be some volunteer spots still available for those used to volunteering at Brat Fest. Those who want to volunteer, still support REACH-A-Child, but not in the Kid Zone, can go to www.volunteer.bratfest.com to sign in and look for select spots still open. You would just select REACH-A-Child as your charity. More spots for grilling, wrapping, etc can open up on April 1st! Either way all volunteers for the Kid Zone and in general $8 per hour volunteered will be donated to REACH-A-Child. 

Saturday June 24th - Bubble Run - 25 Volunteers Needed 
REACH-A-Child is one of three charities selected for the 2017 Bubble Run coming back to Madison. Based upon how many volunteers we have, is how much of a donation comes back to REACH-A-Child. Volunteering will take place from 6am-11am. Volunteers must be 12 years or older. Any kids 16 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. There is no link to sign up yet.
Contact Eric if you are interested.
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phone: (608) 841-1383
Offer Valid: May 26, 2017June 24, 2017
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