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Ambassador Requirements and Expectations

Ambassador agrees to the following:

Committee members are required:

- To be current members of the Chamber.
- Have at least one year of membership and attend at least 6 professional development/networking events in the last year.
- Member business is current on their dues.
- Participate in scheduled orientation.
- Attend 8 monthly Ambassador Committee meetings on an annual basis.
- Attend at least one Chamber event/month
- Make membership referrals as often as possible to Membership Development Manager.
- Follow the Middleton Chamber Member Code of Conduct.
- Respect the roles of the Staff, Chamber Executive, Committee Members, Board of Directors, and volunteers.
- Meet with Membership Development Manager and/or Ambassador Leadership or Executive Director upon request.
- Remain open to feedback and coaching so Ambassador reaps all the rewards of the committee.

Ambassador understands that term is 2 years, renewable with approval of Membership Development Manager and Ambassador Chair.

If Ambassador is not meeting the requirements and expectations, Ambassador Committee Chair and Membership development manager will reach out and provide coaching if needed. We also understand that personal and professional obligations change over time and ask that you let us know if you can no longer meet the obligations of the Committee. If Ambassador is still not participating at acceptable level or we do not hear from you, Membership Development Manager and Ambassador Chair reserve the right to remove individual from the committee.
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Electronic Signature
By providing your electronic signature and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the Ambassador requirements and expectations.

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