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Casa De Corazón

Casa De Corazón

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About Us

Casa de Corazón® is a Spanish immersion early learning program committed to providing socially responsible education to our children in a healthy, compassionate, intercultural environment.

We believe in nurturing children with a child-centered approach that prioritizes diversity, environmentalism, and health in a clean and caring learning environment. Welcome to your family’s second home with heart.

At Casa de Corazón®, we embrace living whole-heartedly. We express gratitude for the families and children who attend, and for our staff who create a warm, comfortable, and loving environment for all. We take pride in fostering authentic connections with each and every person throughout our centers.

We believe that early childhood bilingual education is crucial to a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. More than half the world’s population is bilingual, which is why we believe that early childhood bilingual education is so important.


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