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About Us

MP-Squared understands our services can be pivotal for your project’s success. That’s why we provide senior level structural engineers and an accomplished support staff. But is that enough? After all, you’re probably wondering things like, Are they easy to work with? Are they flexible? Can they think creatively? Are they open to hearing our ideas? Good questions. The short answer to all of them is a resounding “Yes!” But we don’t just expect you to believe us. What we can do is tell you what we know from our many years of structural engineering experience. Great services—and the design plans that go along with them—come from being responsive to you. That happens by listening closely, asking good questions up front, and finding solutions tailored to your specific project needs.

Your project progresses more smoothly because you have accurate plans with enough detail. Your work days are more productive because those plans aren’t riddled with errors and omissions. You’re less stressed because you don’t have to ask dozens of follow-up questions—not to mention request multiple change orders. Finally, you feel secure and confident because you know you have a structural engineer you can rely on.

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