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Objective Veterans' Smile

Objective Veterans' Smile

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About Us

It is a well-known and accepted fact that there is a lack of access to dental services for our military veterans once they transition out of active duty. Unless a veteran is declared 100% disabled, the Veterans Administration (VA), they do not offer dental care, after having the world’s best dental care while on active duty. As a result, many of our veterans are suffering from poor oral hygiene, which can cause systemic disease, a lack of self-esteem, and force many retire from society.

While there are some existing programs, they are greatly underfunded, which prevent them from reaching their full potential. In addition, many in the dental profession want to provide services but cannot establish programs without adequate funding. Likewise, there are many corporate and individual donors who are interested in supporting healthcare services for veterans but do not know where and how to donate and provide support.

To address these needs and see more veterans smile, OBJECTIVE: Veterans Smile was born.

We are currently accepting donations to support grant funding. If you or your organization are interested in supporting this mission, please make a secure online donation or contact founder Kyle Arneson.

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