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Sketchworks Architecture LLC

Sketchworks Architecture LLC


About Us

In 2004 Steve Shulfer founded Shulfer Architects, LLC to provide clients with the best care and quality product. Three years later, Brad Koning joined the team as a partner and added a wealth of experience to an already established firm.

After several years of continued growth, Shulfer Architects evolved into Sketchworks Architecture, LLC – conveying an assemblage of bright, experienced, and skilled professionals. The name “Sketchworks” was selected to convey the design process – “sketch” being the first step towards any design. We value the free thought and creativity of the sketch, unrestricted by convention yet beckoned to refinement by technical skill, budget, and regulatory boundaries. “Works” represents the foundry, the artistry and the production of the final design output, suggesting the very process and design deliverable – creating Innovative Solutions and Impeccable Client Service.

While we currently have active projects across Wisconsin and the Midwest, our professional careers have led us to complete projects around the country. The experience of Sketchworks Architecture is wide ranging and consists of a combination of project types and services offered, resulting in the development of an extremely knowledgeable, well-rounded, and innovative architectural firm. Our intimate knowledge of facility planning, design, and construction practices makes Sketchworks Architecture an excellent partner in any new construction or renovation project. Affiliation with the American Institute of Architects ensures our clients the utmo

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