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Advanced Dermatology, Inc.



About Us

Advanced Dermatology, Inc. has been providing care to the Madison and Middleton area for over 14 years.Our mission is to provide patients with high quality skin care, skin surgery and access to the latest advances in dermatological therapy.  Dr. Harry Sharata, a board certified dermatologist, and his highly qualified staff pride themselves in tailoring your therapy according to your particular medical, surgical and cosmetic needs.
We offer the following services:

Medical Conditions                                                               Cosmetic Procedures
  Acne                                                                                          Botox (R)
  Eczema                                                                                    Facial Fillers
  Psoriasis                                                                                 Laser Skin Treatments
  Nail Fungus                                                                            Laser Hair Removal
  Rosacea                                                                                  Leg Vein Sclerotherapy
  Hair loss                                                                                  Chemical Peels/Microdermabrasion
Dermatologic Procedures                                                 Cosmetic Surgery
  Mole Removal                                                                          Body Contouring
  Skin Biopsy                                                                               Facial and Neck Liposculpture
  Skin Cancer Treatment/Reconstruction                             Tumescent Liposuction
  MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery                                                  Dermabrasion and Facial Resurfacing

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