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Geisking Public Relations


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I help the media by supplying them with experts-clients-that they can turn to, by offering intriguing topics and story ideas that their news audience is interested in hearing about.

James ''Jim'' Geisking joined a local public relations/marketing firm in 1997 after owning and operating a dairy farm for 17 years. He has since become one of the most respected Public Relations professionals in Wisconsin.

Jim's work resulted in regular news coverage throughout the tri-state region, including morning commute coverage on Chicago's number-one radio show, The Spike O'Dell Show. Jim’s work reflects his abilities to garner broadcast coverage for any topic in major markets. National publicity has included large stories in the USA TODAY, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and on Good Morning America. International coverage has been obtained as well.

A great storyteller, Jim's persistence and soft-spoken manner have been the combined keys to his success. Reporters know they can call him day or night, early or late, to get the story.

Jim is also an enthusiastic golfer, a friend to everyone. He has two children, Logan and Tristan


Jim Geisking
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