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House of Colour Madison

House of Colour Madison


About Us

Opening a House of Colour Franchise in my hometown of Madison WI has been such an amazing twist in my career of empowering women (and a few good men) to look and feel their best.

I know from far too much personal experience how frustrating it is to shop and still have nothing to wear, to stand in front of a closet of clothes and feel uninspired, to try on outfit after outfit and never feel “quite right”.

Having my Color and Style done with House of Colour was a game changer and I knew I had to bring this service to Madison!

A lover of family, entertaining, healthy living, dressing like you mean it, my pups and morning coffee, I believe that a joy filled life is created one decision at a time. Self care isn’t just a catchy phrase but a critical component of being able to show up in your life with purpose and passion.

I look forward to getting to know you, be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter for a little inspiration and fun and find me on instagram @HouseofColourMadison



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