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About Us

Bucky Book was born almost 30 years ago as a fundraising initiative for hundreds of local worthy organizations and UW Badger Athletics and Bucky Grants. We started out with a few goals:

1. Raise money to help groups with their worthy causes
2. Help consumers save their hard-earned money
3. Boost the local economy
4. Help with UW Scholarships

Since then, we’ve enjoyed over two and a half decades of success in accomplishing our goals and living our mission.

Our Mission: We strive to connect savvy, savings-seeking consumers with quality local merchants while benefiting the community as a whole.

Connecting Consumers and Businesses
Those who shop local stay local. The growing Bucky Book features coupons from hundreds of local businesses, and these deals guide consumers through merchants’ doors. Coupons do more than incentivize a single sale, though; it’s our hope that repeated interactions will foster lasting relationships between local consumers and their local merchants.

Fundraising for the Community
Hundreds of worthy organizations like schools, churches, youth groups, service clubs and more have used the Bucky Book in fundraising efforts over our history. Since our inception, fundraising initiatives have raised over $4,000,000 for local organizations that need it most as well as $600,000+ for UW Scholarships!

We’re proud of our local roots. We couldn’t be happier to play a role in supporting friends, neighbors, and fellow Wisconsinites who consume quality goods & services locally, as well as those who run successful businesses and thriving community group

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