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Integrated Art Group, LLC

Integrated Art Group, LLC

Arts & Culture

About Us

We're a full-service fine art firm dedicated to transforming your vision into a successful space. We specialize in creating memorable environments and experiences with art. From selection strategy to optimal placement, there's a lot to consider. With over 20 years of experience, we simplify the work for you with our expert art planning, curation, placement, framing, and installation.? Talk to us about your new building or remodel. Together we can differentiate your business, inspire wellness, create a sense of place, and delight guests and staff. Let's bring the perfect art to your space.


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Gallery Image 217595170_4543567032329341_6520214228654557159_n.jpg
Gallery Image 210782240_4506173236068721_4037038823923716823_n.jpg
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Gallery Image 187128366_4362995303719849_7653055634123348841_n.jpg
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