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Kilter Rewards

Kilter Rewards

Fitness & Gyms

About Us

Kilter Rewards allows companies to combine two of their most important engagement initiatives into one: employee well-being and charitable giving.

Companies that work with Kilter Rewards achieve these benefits:

- Reduced health costs
- Higher employee retention
- Increased overall company profitability

What you do with Kilter Rewards:

1) Offer a monthly program to rewards employee wellness goals with donations to causes they choose.

2) Create team-based fitness and charity challenges to allow employees to work together to earn money for common causes.

3) Compete in fitness challenges against other companies to win donations and community-wide bragging rights! Ask us about our global challenge or about setting up a 1 on 1 challenge against "rival" companies.

How it Works:

1) Customize Your Donation Settings
2) Employees Complete Daily Wellness Goals
3) Employees Earn Donation Credits for their Favorite Charities

How Employees Earn Credits:

1) Connect to their health tracking devices (Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, MapMyRun) OR
2) Check into gyms or fitness studios OR
3) Self-report their activities

How Donations are Made:

Kilter Rewards partners with TASC in Madison, WI to facilitate your donations for your company. You receive 100% of the tax benefits from your giving through Kilter, but don't have to write any of the checks!

*Free Trials are available. Ask us about opportunities to test out our program with no risk.


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